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Friday, January 30, 2015

Sugarplum Style, Vol. 9

Hey, hey friends....happy Friday! I hope you all had a grand week. Today is the final day of the BHG photo shoot...and I finally got permission to share more of the details with you, so I hope to have a post with some of the behind-the-scenes scoop soon. It's been an eye-opening experience, that's for sure. And thank you for your excitement on the latest round of reno progress yesterday! Hard to believe we are moving in a week from today!!!

I'm taking a break from construction to talk fashion, with the next round of Sugarplum Style. I'll layer a shirt under just about anything for a pop of color and pattern, including a striped hoodie.

Striped Hoodie Pullover | Plaid Shirt (similar) | Distressed Jeans (similar)
Booties (similar) | Watch | Bracelet

We had some warm days this month, so I was able to pull out the lighter-weight scarves, but still paired them with my favorite cozy cardi. I'm forever a sucker for floral + stripes.

Distressed Jeans (similar) | Watch | Bracelet

Oh hey there, same coral wrap that I can't seem to stop wearing...this time buttoned, and layered over stripes. If you're not a fan of the drape, you might want to consider this cardi, or this one with pockets.

Distressed Jeans (similar) | Booties (similar) | Monogrammed Reptile Bag

Spots + Stripes + (faux) Snakeskin...this cheery combo brightened my day.

Typical soon as we adjusted to warm temps, it turned frosty again. Fair isle over stripes to the rescue.

Black Puffer Jacket (similar) | Fair Isle Sweater (similar) | Striped Tissue Turtleneck (similar)
Distressed Jeans (similar) | Boot Socks | Rainboots

Lightweight scarves are my go-to for most every season...I love the pop of color, and they brighten your face.

Watercolor Floral Scarf (similar) | Yellow Striped Tee (similar) | Watch
Bracelet | Jeggings | Knee Boots (similar)

Layered know it was cold that day. Not Winter Storm Juno cold, but Texas cold, anyway.

Chunky Turtleneck Sweater (similar) | Striped Tissue Turtleneck (similar) | Necklace

I found these plaid pants on clearance for $15 and just couldn't resist. At that price, they were worth the risk.

Plaid Pants | Chambray Shirt | Black Sweater (similar) | Pendant Necklace
Black Pumps | Watch | Tassel Bracelet

I've wanted rainboots for years, but always thought them impractical in our area. But I am shocked at just how many times I've been able to legitimately wear them this year. Now I look forward to rainy days!

And just like layering a lightweight floral over a long-sleeve top this time of year, I also pair a flannel plaid over tees, when the weather allows it. I'm crazy for this one, too.

Gray Tee (similar) | Plaid Infinity Scarf (similar) | Distressed Jeans (similar)
Booties (similar) | Watch | Bracelet

I hope these posts inspire new combinations from your closet! The key isn't to have more clothes, but to mix up what you do have in new and different ways. And if I haven't convinced you of the merit of a striped top after this round, then I don't think I ever will!

You can catch up with past installments of Sugarplum Style here, or follow my everyday-style outfits on InstaGram. Make sure you're following my Facebook page, too...that's where I post deals, steals, sales and goodies! Happy weekend, lovebugs!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

{New House} More Renovation Progress

Friends!! It's been another busy and productive week of renovations at the new house, and I'm absolutely awestruck watching the transformation take place. So far, everything looks better than I could have imagined, or even hoped. And other than the 'pantry snafu,' there have been no more mishaps.

Today we're neck-deep in the BHG photo shoot...imagine more flowers than a wedding, and half the contents of Home Goods...that's my house right now. #itsadream But I wanted to pop in and show you the Kitchen updates since last week. Remember these aren't pretty pics by blog standards, but pretty darn fun to see!

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

Can you even believe it's the same room (see the Before shots here)?! And this is just with primer on the cabinets, and naked walls. They removed the old cabinets over the stovetop, and built this phenomenal frame box around the existing vent hood. It's literally built of thin plywood, and finished with trim...but makes such a huge statement. The room finally has a focal point!

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

They finished installing the make-me-drool backsplash, and we went higher on this wall to make a bigger impact. I love being able to see more of the pattern repeat.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

The windows looked like puny afterthoughts, so we added a chunky marble ledge, and will trim them with a wood frame to give them more prominence and intent.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

The lovely green wallpaper was removed, only to discover an even lovelier burgundy border underneath. So all the walls in the Kitchen and Breakfast Room had to be refloated. But just like the primed cabinets, they are already so much cleaner and brighter! You know it's going to be good when primer is an improvement.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno 

The new drawer fronts had to be ordered, so those will be the last things installed...along with the hardware.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

The corner cabinet was a lazy susan, which is basically a black hole for anything you attempt to store there, so they are making it a hinged door that opens to stationary shelves. The cabinet on the right will be pull-out trash and recycle.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

The Butlers Pantry was tiled and primed, and one of the cabinets cut out to accommodate a drink/wine fridge. I mean, who am I that I have a Butlers Pantry?!?! With a drink fridge for crying out loud!!?? You're all invited over for cold drinks when we're done. There won't be a butler, but I'll get the kids to serve you.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

You know you have a top-notch rockstar contractor when they even float the wall hidden behind the fridge.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

They removed the recessed light over the sink, and wired for the new pendants that will hang over the breakfast bar. Thank goodness for math-savvy friends who help you figure out exactly where they should be placed! (Instead of splitting the bar in half, and hanging one light centered in each half, we split the bar in thirds and hung them at those dividers. The first way had them too close together.)

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

Mr. Rockstar favorite person in the world right now!

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

The Breakfast Room lost the wallpaper and a dated light fixture, and gained an old fridge and a light bulb. Still an improvement if you ask me.

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

Progress is beautiful!

Hi Sugarplum | Kitchen Reno Progress

I took these pics Tuesday after work, and as usual, yesterday was another round of updates coming soon! Don't forget you can follow daily progress on my InstaGram and Facebook. I'm also posting behind-the-scenes of the magazine shoot. I know, my life is so totally obnoxious right now.  But don't worry, things will be back to a snails pace around here soon enough.

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